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Category Archives: Fortnite

Fortnite x Monopoly Collab Leaked: Latest Details – DBLTAP


After partnering up with Monopoly on a Fortnite Edition board game in 2018, it appears Epic Games is primed to return the favor on the battle island.

After partnering up with Monopoly on a Fortnite Edition board game in 2018, it appears Epic Games is primed to return the favor on the battle island. / Photo courtesy of Hasbro, Epic Games

A potential Fortnite x Monopoly collab has been leaked, as published throughout Twitter by members of the third-person battle royale’s notorious decrypting community Friday.

Amidst the ongoing dispute between Epic Games and Apple over the control of the mobile app market, it appears Fortnite has another type of Monopoly in its sights.

Back in October 2018, the two gaming titans first partnered up to bring Fortnite fans a special edition crossover of the Monopoly game inspired by the popular video game where the objective wasn’t on what players owned, and instead how long they could survive.

Almost three years and 12 seasons later, it appears the star duo is back at it again, taking it a step further this time with a cosmetics collab on the digital screen.

According to Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey, eight iconic Monopoly playing pieces have been decrypted so far, and will be a part of an upcoming Back Bling bundle:

Taking into account previous offerings of a similar variety, such as the Fortnite Classics Back Bling bundle, it be assumed that the Fortnite X Monopoly collab will likely be listed for 1,200 V-Bucks in the game’s Item Shop upon its release.

As with all leaks, take this information as you will. At the time of writing, this appears to be the only collab content involved in the potential upcoming in-game cosmetics line, but that’s certainly subject to change until an official announcement is made.

For more on Fortnite, feel free to check out our guides on where to find Rainbow Rentals and Fort Crumpet.

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Roblox takes a page from the ‘Fortnite’ playbook with new Listening Parties – Input

Popular video-game-slash-multiverse Roblox is introducing a new Listening Party feature, whereby artists can host release-day events for their legions of virtual fans. To celebrate the new feature, singer Poppy is “touring” various Roblox games to urge players to listen to her latest studio album, Flux, which releases today.

“We want to keep finding new ways to make music more of an integral part of the Roblox experience,” said Jon Vlassopulos, head of music at Roblox. “Allowing Poppy’s fans to enjoy her new album Flux where they are already spending time with their friends seemed like a no brainer, and our developers have jumped at the opportunity to participate!”

Poppy is the perfect choice for a spokesperson to launch this feature, really. She’s spent a sizable portion of her music career presenting as an uncanny android who ranted about internet culture on YouTube. She was also nominated for a Grammy this year. So yeah, a launch party for her music in the Roblox multiverse is pretty spot-on.

Not much to see here — The Listening Party feature is a little less exciting than you might expect based on how Roblox’s execs are talking about it. In practice, it’s less of a new feature than it is just an in-game event.

The basic premise of a Listening Party is to continue whatever task you’re already working on — just with the added option of listening to Poppy’s new album while you do so. Poppy will be “touring” various “experiences” (that’s Roblox-speak for an in-game game), but it’s unclear what exactly that entails. Maybe her avatar will pop up to say hello; maybe not.

Some of the experiences chosen to host Poppy’s Listening Party have created special stages or areas for the event. For the most part it’s just all about spotlighting Poppy’s new album in existing Roblox worlds. You do earn “event points” by playing songs, though, and some virtual merch will be available as well.

Virtual music rules — Roblox already has a vice grip on the minds and hands of children around the world. But the game’s ultimate goal, as many internet companies can attest, is to keep players focused on the in-game world as much as humanly possible.

Roblox has a tricky history with music. Any music streamed in the game is supposed to be licensed first, but Roblox’s many experience developers have absolutely not followed through with this rule. As a result, the company behind the game was slapped with a $200 million lawsuit from the National Music Publisher’s Association this summer.

Music has proven itself a huge pull for in-game events, though. Fortnite has really paved the way for events like this and shown they can be worth the effort. And thus Roblox finds itself working on music-centered events despite the ongoing lawsuit. At least with Poppy involved so explicitly the company should be safe from legal repercussions.

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Apple Isn’t Letting Fortnite Return to iOS Anytime Soon – Here’s Why – Digital Music News

Fortnite iOSFortnite iOS Photo Credit: Erik Mclean

Apple has denied Epic Games’ request to have its iOS developer license reinstated.

That means Fortnite won’t be returning to iOS for the foreseeable future. Apple says it won’t reinstate Epic’s developer license until all legal options are exhausted. Fortnite could be missing from the App Store for several years to come.

“In light of this and other statements since the court’s decision, coupled with Epic’s duplicitous conduct in the past, Apple has exercised its discretion not to reinstate Epic’s developer program at this time,” reads the letter from Apple lawyer Mark A. Perry. “Furthermore, Apple will not consider any further requests for reinstatement until the district court’s judgment becomes final and non-appealable.”

Epic won a court victory against Apple on September 10, forcing Apple to open up in-game payment options for all developers. The injunction allowed Epic to avoid paying the 30% ‘Apple Tax’ on all in-app transactions for Fortnite – which rakes in billions.

Now in a letter to Epic’s legal counsel, Apple lawyers say the company refuses to reinstate Epic’s account until the courts issue a final non-appealable verdict. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney says the appeals process for the case could last as long as five years.

“Apple lied,” Sweeney says in his tweets. “Apple spent a year telling the world, the court, and the press they’d welcome Epic’s return to the App Store if they agreed to play by the same rules as everyone else.’ Epic agreed, and now Apple has reneged in another abuse of its monopoly power over a billion users.”

The September 10 ruling from Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers found that Apple had not violated antitrust law by kicking Epic Games and Fortnite from the App Store. The ruling did grant third-party developers the ability to communicate about alternative payment methods outside the App Store.

Epic Games was forced to pay Apple $6 million as ordered by the court. A portion of that payment is Fortnite revenue the company gained when it switched on its own in-app payment method. Turning on in-app payments that bypassed Apple’s is what started the lawsuit in the first place.

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Balenciaga Dresses Up Fortnite Characters With Luxe Skins – Muse by Clio

Last December, Balenciaga released its Autumn Winter 2021 collection through a video game titled Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow. The company worked with Fortnite publisher Epic Games on that campaign, developed via 3-D platform Unreal Engine.

“From there, we have continued to be inspired by the creativity of Unreal and Fortnite communities,” says Balenciaga artistic director Demna Gvasalia. “It made total sense, to me, that we collaborate further.”

The deal makes sense to gaming site Kotaku, too, though not as Balenciaga intended. In an acerbic write-up headlined “The Fortnite x Balenciaga Collab Is Everything the Game Deserves,” editor Leigh Plunkett takes a pickaxe to the approach:

“At a time when fashion brands, once famed for their exquisite tastes and unique flavors, are ditching their legacies in pursuit of uniformity and mass appeal, a label releasing a hoodie that looks like a 15-year-old made it with a screen-press, in an enormous ad platform masquerading as a video game, is one of the most depressingly 2021 things I have yet to see in this lap around the sun.”

That run-on sentence makes Doggo sad.

Dexerto takes a more pragmatic view, likening the push to past hits in the space, such as Gucci’s work with Fnatic and 100 Thieves, and Louis Vuitton’s pairing with League of Legends. The Verge calls the Balenciaga-Fortnite union “an obvious one, given how important virtual outfits are to the culture of the game,” with users shuffling the looks of their avatars based on the ebb and flow of competition.

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Where to dance in front of cakes for Fortnite’s 4th Birthday challenge – Gamepur

Fortnite has just turned four years old, and to celebrate there are free goodies up for grabs. This means new challenges that you can complete, such as dancing in front of cakes that are spread around the map.

The cakes can be found in every major named location, but there is one part of the map where it’s a very quick process to reach four of them.

Start by dropping into Retail Row and landing in the main car park in the center of the retail area. You will find a cake here that you can dance in front of. From there, jump in a car and drive over to Lazy Lake where you will find the next cake just inside the left of the main entrance to the town, beside the auto store.

Drive across the river and up the slope to Catty Corner, where you will find the next cake just outside the gas station, near the gas pumps. Finally, make your way to Misty Meadows, which is just down the road from Catty Corner. You will find the fourth and final cake you need on the main street just inside the town as you enter from the east.

And that is it, just dance in front of each cake to finish up this challenge. The cakes may also have some smaller slices of cake around them, and you can eat those to gain shields and work on the other challenge too.

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‘Fortnite’ Wants To Know Which Of These Concept Skins You Would Buy – Forbes

Fortnite is doing another skin concept survey, where they are asking certain players what they think of a large slate of potential upcoming skins, and whether or not they would be likely to buy them.

There are a couple of dozen never-before-seen, non-licensed skins here, including brand new ones and variants of existing ones. These come from @VenomLeaks, and you can see them below (probably best viewed through Twitter):

I’d say anywhere from 30-50% of these are different styles for existing skins, some of which could be offered for free, while others may end up being “sold separate” like ice or animated Peely. A lot of these are winter-themed, as you can see, so it’s likely that many of these would hit by December or so ahead of the holidays.

Epic has done surveys like these in the past, and when they’ve done so, nearly all the skins featured ended up coming to Fortnite eventually, so this really is a window into the future store. I am probably most interested in the brand new skins, as there are quite a few standouts there.


My favorites include:

  • The murderous clown with daggers.
  • The larger model women, as Fortnite has barely experimented with different female body types.
  • The guy who looks like a Cyberpunk mummy.
  • The girl with the ultra-poofy jacket who sort of looks like Jubilee.

Anyway, there are a lot of good ones in there, and you might want to check your email for the survey, which would offer you a closer look at these. Previously, Epic has already sent out a “brand” survey, asking which licensed IPs they’d like to see cross over with Fortnite in the future, even though they didn’t show specific skins. A number of those have already come to life, and more are on the way in the future as Epic continues to do licensed deals to expand its roster of metaverse options. But a large amount of players still like Epic’s all-original skins, and they are clearly not going to stop making those anytime soon, as it’s kind of a core part of the game’s DNA, even if it’s getting taken over by superheroes a lot of the time these days.

We’ll see when these actually make their way to the store, but I would expect most of them will, eventually.

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Markets Today: Apple vs Fortnite, Hotel Chocolat results delay – Investors Chronicle

  • Audit hold-up delays Hotel Chocolat results
  • Apple bans Fortnite from its app store

No need to fear the Hotel Chocolat results delay

Another delay from the auditors means Hotel Chocolat (CHOC) investors are going to have  to wait until 5 October to assess the group’s financial performance for the year to 27 June 2021. In the meantime they can visit one of the group’s many stores which is already bedecked in Halloween decorations. It’s not a great reflection on the finance team or auditors that customers can buy festive treats in store before investors can read about the financial performance of last winter, but the company insists that the delay is merely a hold up with the auditors and there is nothing to worry about with the results themselves.

Indeed, Hotel Chocolat continues to defy the odds. A direct-to-consumer chocolate retailer which relies on heavy foot traffic in shopping districts should have had a difficult few years, but the company reported strong growth in the first half of its 2021 financial year and its second half numbers should be flattered by last year’s covid-comparisons when revenue fell 14 per cent. 

Hotel Chocolat has managed the switch to online retail well and continues to make more than half of its UK revenue from its own retail channels. The company has also recently  taken full ownership of its rainforest spa business Rabot and shored up its balance sheet with a £40m fundraising.  

Apple ups the ante in Fortnite battle 

US tech giant Apple (US: AAPL) has banned Fortnite from its store indefinitely meaning those buying new iPhones will be unable to download the game and those who already have the game on their smartphones will not be able to implement any updates. 

It’s a blow for both companies. Epic Games – owner of Fortnite – will miss out on the custom of the roughly 7.5m people who buy a new iPhone every year, while Apple has made itself an enemy of the 6-12m people globally who play Fortnite every day. 

It’s the latest chapter in a long-running battle which Epic Games initiated after being appalled at the 30 per cent fee Apple takes on app purchases made in its store. In September a US court ruled in Epic’s favour by saying that Apple could not ban app makers from directing customers to third party payment providers, thus allowing them to sidestep Apple’s lofty commission. But the court also ruled in Apple’s favour by saying that the company was not acting as a monopoly. Both parties are in the process of appealing the rulings. The battle is far from over. 

Read more:

Sell Apple before the worm turns 

Apple’s app fee cut is smart – but not enough

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‘Fortnite’ Season 8: How to Stoke a Campfire in Dark Jonesy Questline – Newsweek

One of the early stages in Fortnite season 8’s Dark Jonesy questline asks you to stoke a campfire. This guide breaks down everything you need to know about tackling this particular mission.

Fortnite season 8 (aka “Cubed”) has slightly changed the way that character-specific questlines work in the battle royale shooter. They are now segmented into “punchcard” entries – viewable in a separate menu – and they no longer appear to be quite as time-sensitive as they once were.

Indeed, there is no sign that these questlines will expire (at least not until the end of the season), meaning that you can complete them at a more leisurely pace. Of course, they do reward you with a generous amount of XP, so it is definitely worth prioritizing them if you want to quickly level up through the new battle pass.

Newsweek has already prepared walkthroughs for some of the more challenging punchcard missions, including a guide on how to complete a sideways encounter and another on where you can find IO guards on the island.

How to Begin the Dark Jonesy Punchcard in ‘Fortnite’ Season 8

To begin the Dark Jonesy punchard, you will first need to approach the quest giver NPC at his regular haunt in Steamy Stacks.

He can be found pacing back and forth on the roof of a building. Look near the “M” in “Steamy” on your minimap and you should bump into him.

Dark Jonesy in Fortnite Season 8
Dark Jonesy can be found patrolling the Steamy Stacks region of the island.
Epic Games

Once you have conversed with Dark Jonesy, he will then give you your first assignment, which is to retrieve a shotgun and some corresponding shells. Incidentally, it doesn’t count if you already have one of these weapons in your possession, so you will have to find a new one.

However, this shouldn’t be too tricky, given that there are shotguns littered all over the Steamy Stacks region. In fact, we managed to find one just a few feet away from Dark Jonesy himself, on the bridge pictured below.

Fortnite Season 8 Shotgun Location
Shotguns spawn all over the Steamy Stacks region of the map. We managed to find one on this bridge close to Dark Jonesy.
Epic Games

How to Stoke a Campfire in ‘Fortnite’ Season 8

After you have completed the first stage of Dark Jonesy’s punchcard, he will then ask you to stoke a campfire.

Before you do this, it’s worth noting that a few players have encountered an issue here that stopped them from progressing any further until they exited to the menu and loaded another game.

In other words, you might not be able to complete the first two stages of the Dark Jonesy questline in the same match. As such, we would advise against looking for a campfire until after you have joined another lobby.

In terms of finding a campfire, it often feels like you are constantly stumbling across these until you actually need one.

There is a campfire to the northwest of Dirty Docks, on the dirt road leading to the coast. There is also a campfire to the west of Lazy Lake, across the river. Both of these locations are depicted in the below slideshow.

To stoke the campfires, you will first need to gather 30 pieces of wood with your harvesting tool. Just look for some nearby trees or benches to cut them down.

Once you have done this, approach the bundle of sticks and press the interact button to complete the second stage of Dark Jonesy’s punchcard.

For more help with Fortnite season 8, read Newsweek’s guides on how to use shadow stones and where to find Diamond Blue paint bottles.

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Play the first official tournament of Fortnite Season 8 this weekend – Fortnite Tracker

The Fortnite Preseason Warmup starts this Friday and occurs across four rounds.

Sure, new content is great and we’re all having a lot of fun with Season 8, but it’s time to get down to business. Grab a trio and strap in for the Fortnite Preseason Warmup Test tournament.

The action begins Friday September 24 for all regions except the Middle East, and will simulate a single FNCS qualifier weekend. As this is just a practice event there is no prizing on the line, only bragging rights.


There will be four rounds in total, with two taking place on Saturday. Take a look at the structure below to see how many teams progress from each round:

Round 1 – September 24

Open to all Champion Ranked trios

Round 2 – September 25

EU, NA, BR: Top 1,500 trios from Round 1

ASIA, ME: Top 700 trios from Round 1

OCE: Top 300 trios from Round 1

Round 3 – September 25

EU, NAE: Top 300 trios from Round 2

NAW, BR: Top 200 trios from Round 2

ASIA, OCE, ME: Top 125 trios from Round 2

Round 4 – September 26

All regions: Top 33 trios from Round 3

Scoring System

Victory Royale +5

Reach Top 2 +4

Reach Top 3 +2

Reach Top 4 +1

Reach Top 5 +1

Reach Top 6 +1

Reach Top 7 +1

Reach Top 8 +1

Reach Top 9 +1

Reach Top 10 +1

Reach Top 11 +1

Reach Top 12 +1

Reach Top 13 +1

Reach Top 14 +1

Reach Top 15 +1

Reach Top 16 +1

Reach Top 17 +1

Each Elimination +1

To take part, each member of your team must be at Champion League in Arena and have Two-Factor Authentication enabled. After the tournament, all Arena Hype will be reset with the v18.10 patch on Tuesday, September 28.

These Preseason Warmup events did feature earlier on in Chapter 2, but have been absent from recent seasons. They can be an interesting first look at the new competitive meta and provide an early indicator of which trios to watch out for going forward.

Epic is yet to publish an official ruleset so keep an eye on for updates. You can however track your team’s performance on our live Preseason Warmup Test leaderboards.

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How to collect Triple S Sneakers in Fortnite Season 8 – Upcomer

The Fortnite x Balenciaga crossover is still ongoing and players can unlock various cosmetics through completing in-game challenges. These challenges unlock smaller cosmetics — like sprays, wraps and pickaxes — while the actual skins need to be purchased separately. However, all of the cosmetics are limited, so players will want to complete as many challenges as they can. One of the tasks presented to players in the crossover is collecting Triple S Sneakers, which can be a tough challenge if players don’t know where to look.

The Triple S Sneakers are a line of shoes from Balenciaga, a fashion brand from Spain. The sneakers themselves are black with white laces and players need to find several pairs of them. Below, players can find out exactly where they are.

Collecting Triple S Sneakers in Fortnite

For this challenge, players will need to collect 40 pairs of the Triple S Sneakers. This can only be completed in Fortnite’s Creative Mode, which is a first for Fortnite challenges. Previously, they’ve been exclusive to the standard map and limited-time modes.

To start, players must load into Creative Mode from the playlist selection menu. Hitting the “create” option will transport players to their own island hub, which has been taken over by Balenciaga. Players will need to spend some time looking for the Triple S Sneakers, which can be found on any surface or location on the island.

Fortnite Knight Looks SprayFortnite Knight Looks Spray
The Fortnite Sprays that are unlocked in the Balenciaga crossover. | Provided by Epic Games

However, inside the Balenciaga store, players can find around 10 of the shoes sitting on shelves, and other spots, on both floors. Luckily, there are more than 40 of the sneakers on the island. This means players don’t need to find every single one to complete this challenge.

Once players complete this challenge, they’ll be rewarded with the Knights Look Spray in Fortnite. This can be equipped through the player’s locker.

Joey Carr is a full-time writer for multiple esports and gaming websites. He has 6+ years of experience covering esports and traditional sporting events, including DreamHack Atlanta, Call of Duty Championships 2017, and Super Bowl 53.

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